This page is to show multimedia skills I have used and there is more slideshows, photographs, and videos also on my Blog.

Photo Slideshow of Tempe Center for the Arts.


Photo Slideshow of Mesa’s Lulubell Toy Bodega, which imports foreign toys and wants to build the local art community.

Photo Slideshow of Big Surf Waterpark in Tempe before it opened for the ’14 season.

Video of 2014 NCAA Collegiate Nationals held in Tempe.

Video of 9-year-old, blind Joaquin Valencia riding a tandem bike, which was donated by Tempe’s Team Asa.


Photos and Video of Sun Orchard in Tempe where they are juicing grapefruit for St. Mary’s Food Bank.


Photos and video of Tempe Fire Department’s Dive Team doing a practice dive at Tempe Town Lake.


Photos of Dale Chihuly’s exhibit in the Desert Botanical Gardens.

Compliment photos to “Artist creates huge American flag for mobile 9/11 exhibit” story on Scott LoBaido. Slideshow: Who’s Buried in Tempe?

Find link to slideshow below.

Find link to slideshow below. Slideshow: Who’s Buried in Chandler?

Find link to slideshow above.

Find link to slideshow below.


Slideshow: Fire in Tempe, AZ (September 2012)

When riding my bike at Kiwanis Park, I saw a pillar of smoke in the sky and headed that direction with my camera. The house was in at the corner of Rural and Guadalupe in a small neighborhood, so I navigated past police traffic and spectators to get pictures of the event. AZcentral used one of my photos for their story of the event, can be viewed here or viewed below.

Photo on AZcentral's website.

Photo on AZcentral’s website.

Audio Slideshow: Tempe Tardeada (October 2012)

According to the city of Tempe, AZ, this event is to “To identify and recognize the Hispanic historical roots of Tempe and educate the community with a celebration of the Hispanic culture.” I caught some of the sights and sounds of the event held at Tempe Public Library. The majority of spectators were interested in the dancers and the band while the kids loved the crafts and face painting.


Video Project: Ironman Arizona 2012 (November 2012)

This was a video project done for my Blog using Final Cut Pro on Ironman Arizona and my brother Brandon Rop doing the race.


Audio Slideshow: Hiking “A” Mountain (December 2012)

This is an audio slideshow of Tempe Butte when I hiked it for a site project for Online Media.


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